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Guest Wifi FAQ


  • What is the current password?

The current password is Blessings.


  • Which network do I use to connect with?


GLMCC Sanctuary Guest if you are in the sanctuary.  GLMCC Fellowship Guest if you are in the fellowship hall.


  • I put in the password, but I’m still not connected.  What’s wrong?


Open your internet browser on your device and then try to go to a website.  The agreement page should show up.  After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use the wifi.


  • When is the wifi available?


It is available whenever we have service. 


  • My device is not allowing me to type in the password.  What do I do?


Go to your settings to get to your wifi.  Find GLMCC Sanctuary Guest (or GLMCC Fellowship Guest-whichever one you’re trying to connect to) and choose to forget the network.  Now, when you select the wifi network, you will be prompted to type in the password.


What other questions do you have?  Send them to

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