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Ministry Descriptions


Our Wednesday nights are designated to studying the Word of God in a more informal setting.  Here at Greater Love we believe it is not only important to hear the Word, but it's also important to understand it.  That's why we set aside time for a short passage of Scripture each week so that we can understand it in its context, how it was important during its time and how the modern Church can relate to the passage.  We encourage you to join us as we search for two people in the Scriptures: ourselves and Christ.  Join us on the Zoom platform each Wednesday at 7:30pm.



Our church takes a hands-on approach to showing the love of God by embracing the community. We partner with ministries such as  Global Mission, Refuge Memphis, St. Peter Villa, Neighborhood Christian Center and many more to give food, both spiritual and natural, to families in need.



We believe that salvation should be well-rounded where we eat healthy and exercise so that we can lead productive lives where our bodies are temples that God can use.  In the Fit4Life ministry, we teach how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through making positive eating choices, living by God's Word, strengthening oneself in the Scriptures, standing on God's promises for diving healing and provision and maintaining it all through the choices we make.


Our Men's Ministry is simply a community of men helping to build and strengthen one another through the Word of God and continuous fellowship.  God is the foundation, and His Word is the sword that helps us sharpen one another and produce righteous, godly and loving characteristics.  Trust is the binding factor that creates an atmosphere where our men can be open and honest about the life challenges that men face on a daily basis.



In a time period where relationships are idolized and everyone is seeking companionship, the goal of our Singles Ministry is to show singles how to be complete with God.  We aim to show that being whole in God alone allows one to continue to be complete when God blesses him/her with a spouse if that is the person's desire.  We demonstrate this by offering opportunities for the singles to live an engaging, exciting, effective and meaningful Spirit-filled life through fellowship, volunteer outings and teachings from the ministry.

GLMCC Singles.jpeg


The 60+ ministry provides opportunities for those in their golden years to provide encouragement for each other and assist one another as they age gracefully and fulfill God's assignment of imparting wisdom to the next generation while still working in God's vineyard.  They are an active group that is the backbone of spiritual commitment and perseverance in today's time of constant change.  If you in this age group and need a spiritual "boost," this is the group for you!

60 Plus.jpg


The Women's Ministry at "The Greater" is passionate and excited about equipping women to be their best for the Kingdom.  Our focus is on spiritual growth, mentoring and creating a place to network.  With open arms, we welcome women of all ages, races and backgrounds to connect through  recreational outings, conferences and other fellowship opportunities.  If you are looking for a place where you can connect and have meaningful relationships, "The Greater" Women's Ministry is the place for you!


Need a safe place where you and your children can grow and be fed spiritually?  Well, there is such a place at the Greater because we have a youth ministry that is tailored to giving our youth a solid foundation in the Word of God.  There are several opportunities for the youth throughout the year to have fun and display their God-given gifts, such as Hallelujah Night and programs for special holidays.  However, there is so much more to offer than that at our ministry, click on the title "Youth" to learn more.

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