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Minister Alisha McKinzie

Hello, I am Minister Alisha McKinzie. I am honored to serve as youth pastor of Greater Love Miracle Center Church.  Growing up in the church, one thing that has resonated with me is having a strong foundation in biblical principles.  Church for me was more than just a building. It was an extended family of people who loved God and kingdom ministry. It wasn’t until my teen years that I decided to fully surrender my life to Christ. This was the beginning of my journey to my divine destiny.   


Just as my mother, Co-Pastor Vernita Westbrook, assisted my grandmother, Bishop C.L. Ratliff, in ministry, I began to help my mother in the children’s ministry.  I learned from her experience, which increased my interest in mentoring children. I enjoyed it so much that I volunteered as a mentor and tutor for Memphis City Schools for five years. I later received essential training from ministries, such as World Changers International, New Light Church, Rhema Bible Ministries, Phoenix First Assembly, and the Dream Center.


After my mother joined my father as co-pastor of our church, I was asked to take on the responsibility of being the director of the youth department. Although I loved teaching bible study and other church activities, I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to the ministry. During our church youth talent show, I ministered my first message on September 14, 2007. In 2010, I accepted the call to pastor the children and youth of our ministry. I, along with some incredible youth leaders, have a passion to empower young people through the word of God.


As youth leaders, we will first lead by example.  We are striving to be effective by living and teaching integrity, purpose, self-discipline, faith, patience and teamwork (2 Peter 1:5-9) to our children/youths. We understand that we, in partnership with the parents, carry the weight of what each child and teen is going through (Galatians 6:2). Our goal is to provide a Christian atmosphere in which the young people are comfortable with sharing their struggles, shortcomings and personal challenges.

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